How To: Import and Export Contact Cards

How To: Import and Export Contact Cards


Contact Cards Recap

Each participant card in Ripple has a section to manage relevant contact information, both personal and for others relevant to them. This can include parents, siblings, partners, and others. Multiple contacts can be added to each Contact Card and each tracks the following:

  • Name
  • Relationship/Title (if contact is not the participant)
  • Contact information (multiple can be added)
  • Street address(es)

In addition, there are these options: 

  • If a voicemail message can be left to this individual 
  • If this is the preferred contact individual
  • Archiving the contact
  • Deleting the contact

 (For more information on Contact Cards, visit:


Importing Contact Cards

To import a participant’s Contact Card, navigate to the Import section (red) under the Site Admin tab (green).


When importing, first download the study Template and Dictionary (purple). The template is the document to input the information for your Contact Cards and the Dictionary explains the accepted format for each field. Note: Remember to select the study to which you would like to import (Cornea Study).

Fill in the template with the Contact Card information, which appears in this format:


Once completed, input your file into the Import tool and (if everything is correctly formatted) you can then import your Contact Cards:



Exporting Contact Cards

To export a participant’s Contact Cards, navigate to the Export section under the Site Admin tab.


To export all Contact Cards in this study, select the Participant Contacts check box. This will export all participant Contact Cards for this study. 

Note: This will not export all Contact Cards associated to this participant across Ripple, only the cards in this study. If this participant is in another study, those Contact Cards will not be exported with this export.


If your participant is in multiple studies and you would like to export Contact Cards from all studies, you can export from Global Study Data. This function will export all Contact Cards associated with the participant marked as “Global”. Marking a Contact Card as global is done from the study in which the Contact Card was first created. Your participants Contact Cards will export into an excel sheet.


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