My Account Overview

My Account Overview

Each user in Ripple has a personal My Account page to view their account information and settings, as well as their study roles and email preferences. This page can be found in the top left corner of your account:




The My Account Page has three primary sections:

  • Personal Details (Red)
  • Studies and Roles (Purple)
  • Logins and Account Creation (Green)


Personal Details


The personal details section tracks your account details and time zone preference. In this section, you can update your title, name, email, phone number, and password. Additionally, you can select the time zone setting in which you would like Ripple to present. 

When setting up your account Ripple auto-selects your local time zone, but this can be adjusted to your preference. When selecting  a time zone other than your local time zone, Ripple will show the following message to confirm you would like to use a non-local time zone:


This message will ask you if you would like to change your time preference to your local timezone, for example offering to change to Ripple’s local time zone of Detroit. To avoid answering this question every time you log-in, you can click the “Ignore Time Zone Discrepancy On Login” box to disable this message. This is most useful when traveling outside of your local time zone or when utilizing a VPN.


Studies and Roles


The Studies and Roles section show all the current studies you have access to, your Study Role and Access Role, and email preferences. Your Access Role dictates the permissions and features you are given access to in a given study. More information can be found here:

For each study you can elect to receive a Daily Digest email, Task emails, and Participant emails. Here you can configure the settings for each study and email type.


Login and Account Creation


The left sidebar of the page shows when your account was originally created and info about all recent logins. This includes date, time, IP address, and browser information. This section is useful to track account activity and monitor security, as well as for audit purposes

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