Product Update: October 21, 2019

The latest release from Ripple includes small improvements that will make a big impact when you are identifying participants for new projects and scheduling events. Users can now filter their searches by Global Date of Last Contact and include participant statuses in their registry search. The date and time picker for events has been simplified and you can now manually enter the date and time.

New Features & Functionality

Global Comments→ Logs

On the study settings page, the “Show global comments” is renamed to “Show Global Logs” to better encapsulate the fact that it controls showing global entries for all log types (Comments, Email, Consent, Contact).


For groups who wish to ensure that logs are global by default (with the option to make the log study specific at the time of entry), there is a checkbox that will set the “Global Log” as enabled per study.


Registry Search Upgrades

To help teams identify participants in the Registry, users can now add filters for “Global Date of Last Contact” and by the participants' “Status.” To help users save time they can save their configured search and use it again at any time. The searches are user-specific, therefore you cannot share them with other users at this time. 


To read more about how to save a registry search click here

Checking for Duplicates 

Users with access to the Registry are now able to check for duplicate participants.  Duplicates are those participants with the same first name, last name, and birthdate, or those participants with the same Global ID.


Learn more about identifying and resolving duplicates by clicking here.


Date and Time Selector

All date and time selectors were replaced to standardize how the date and time of events are selected. This date and time selector allows users to choose a date and time from a calendar/dropdown menu, or enter it in manually.


The Potential/Enrolled Participant contact, consent, and email logs are only loaded when required, optimizing performance.

Screening Form & Data Import

Neither the web screening form nor the data import fails when there is an existing duplicate participant in the system. You should no longer see the following messages: Internal Server Error, There was an error submitting the form or Please contact the department responsible for this form.

Ripple v. 1.69.0

Released 2019-10-21

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