Product Update: October 1, 2019

Ripple’s latest release introduces the ability to send outgoing email communication to participants directly from Ripple!  In this beta release, users can send an outgoing email message to an individual participant. Also included are updates that improve the performance of the application for sites who frequently use comments and tasks. The newly released ability to add a participant directly to the registry makes growing your participant database even easier. 

New Features & Functionality

Beta Participant Emailing

We know a big part of recruiting participants is communicating with them quickly and securely.  Users can now send individual, one-way emails to participants. We encourage you to use this for appointment reminders, study announcements or post-study visit communication. This is just the first iteration of participant communication, stay tuned for additional participant email enhancements!


Learn more about how to use email here.


Users may now add participants directly to the registry without first adding them to a study. This will also allow you to enter contact information, demographics, and global variables in the registry.  


To learn more about how to use this feature click here.

Consent Log

To ensure that you are always IRB compliant, and participants are up-to-date with their consents for studies and other procedures, there is now a consent log on the participant profile. This log will allow you to track both study and global consents, i.e. consent to be part of the registry. Users also have the ability to attach the consent document and track the consent version number. This ensures compliance and that your participants are also up-to-date with study consent and your participant database.


Click here to learn more about how to use the consent log.



Adding new users

To help you better manage adding new users, we have extended the new user enrollment token from 3 to 14 days.


We continue to optimize Ripple so you can spend more time with participants and execute your study protocol! Loading comments and tasks on Potential Participants and Enrolled Participants pages have been optimized for faster load times.

 Daily Digest Emails

Daily digest emails were previously limited by their size; the digest has been adjusted so all emails are sending appropriately.


The Internal Server Error on data import is resolved. We added more clarity and details to the error message provided during import to smooth out this process for users.


Ripple v.1.68

Released 2019-10-01 

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