Contact Log

Participant Contact Log

In a participant's profile card, there is a tab titled the Contact Log. This log is used to track the occurrence of every contact you have with the participant, a parent/guardian, or others in relation to this participant.


 Adding a New Contact

When you click on the Contact Log button, you will see all of the previous contacts you have made with a participant and have the option to add new contacts using the "Add Contact" button.


When entering a new contact, you will have the following fields to track the details of the contact:

  • Contact Type (Required Field)
  • Contact Date/Time (Required Field)
  • Contacted By (Required Field)
  • Method (What email, phone number, etc. was used to contact)
  • Spoke To (Who received the contact.)
  • Regarding (The purpose of the contact.)
  • Outcome (Required Field). Click here to learn how to set up the Contact Log Outcome dropdown.
  • Any additional comments
  • Status (What status should this participant be under following this contact)

In addition, you can mark the contact as the following:

  • Contact - Checking this box will update the "Date of Last Contact" and the "Global Date of Last Contact"
  • Pin Contact - "Pinning" a contact will keep it at the top of the log regardless of date; a user may pin several contacts if desired.
  • Notify - Checking "Notify" will send an email notification about this contact to your team.
  • Global - Checking "Global" will make the contact visible in all studies and the registry.  The "Global" tag will indicate which study the contact was originally made in.


After adding the new contact, it will appear in the contact log with the date/time of contact, the contact type, outcome, and contacting team member.  The initials of the user how entered the contact will appear in a box at the end of the row.  The contact log is fully sortable by the headings to easily view common entries.  Unless "Pin Contact" has been utilized, the contact log will order from newest to oldest. The contact log entries are only editable by the user who created them.  Clicking the "pencil" icon will open the contact modal for editing.

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