Moving Participants in Ripple

Ripple allows you to easily move participants between the statuses defined in the "Potential" and "Enrolled" participant tab within a study and from the registry into the study of your choosing.

Moving Participants Between Statuses

Participants in Ripple are sorted into "Potential" or "Enrolled" and from there can fall into any number of user-defined statuses. Participants can be moved individually or in bulk between any of the statuses within the "Potential" and/or "Enrolled" tabs.

In the first screenshot (below) the red box and arrow indicate the action box that will apply an action to participants checked between multiple statues.  For example, if I select participants in the "In Screening" and "Awaiting Follow Up" (not visible in current shot) and want to move them to "Not Contacted", I would check the boxes by those participants and use the action bar at the top to select the destination and click apply.  


An alert will pop up upon clicking reply that will confirm my move and how many participants are affected by it.


Each individual status has a list icon that can be used to show or hide the action bar that will accomplish movement just within that specific status.  If you're moving several participants from "In Screening" to "Awaiting Follow Up" you can use the action bar in "In Screening" to achieve the move quickly.  Again, an alert will pop up to show you how many participants are being moved.


Finally, there are several ways to "bulk" select participants for bigger moves.  The very top of the page has the option to "Select All Potential Participants".  When all are selected action bar can be used to move all of the participants to the desired status.  Important Note: "Select All Potential Participants" or "Select All in Category" will only select those visible on the page.  If there are additional pages of participants, the select all will need to be used for each page.  

Again, an alert will pop up to show you how many participants are being moved.


Select All Potential Participants- selects all of the potential participants visible on the page.  If a status has multiple pages only the ones that are visible (or on the first page) will be selected.

Select All in Category- selects all of the potential participants visible in the selected status.  If a status has multiple pages only the ones that are visible (or on the first page) will be selected.

This functionality works the same in both the Potential Participants Tab and the Enrolled Participants Tab.  The dropdown box also gives the user the ability to DELETE participants in bulk.  This option is located after all of the statuses; an alert is provided to confirm that you'd like to delete participants.

A user can also move individual participants from within their profile.  You can locate the dropdown box to make this change just below the "Custom ID" field on the profile.  The dropdown box will list all of the available statuses within both "Potential" and "Enrolled". 


An alert will appear confirming you'd like to make the change.


Moving Participants Between Potential and Enrolled

Participants in Ripple can be readily moved between a potential status and an enrolled status; this can also be done individually or in bulk.  This movement is done using the same steps outlined above.  The dropdown "action" boxes contain all of the statues in both the "Enrolled" and "Potential" tabs and have been conveniently labeled so you know which is which.


As you can see from the screenshot above, this tagging is also visible in the dropdown box located in the participant profile.




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