How do I search for a custom variable within a participant profile?

How do I search for a custom variable within a participant profile?

The search bar within the "Potential Participant" and the "Enrolled Participant" tabs are optimized to quickly search for names of participants. The search bar will also allow you to search for information within a profile that has been entered on contact cards or as a custom variable.

To limit a search to a specific custom variable, users will need to direct the search bar on where to look. Please note: this functionality only works for custom variables (both global and not global) and does not extend to the "Filter Dashboard" feature.

To direct the search bar to look for your custom variable you will enter the variable name, colon, search term. For example, if you would like to search within the custom variable "Favorite Animal" for participants who like "Tigers", you would type the following: Favorite Animal:Tiger

This will return a list of participants who have selected the "Tiger" as their "Favorite Animal".


In the example above, Elizabeth Fields, Antonio Seymour, and Flo Abrashkin all have "Tiger" recorded as their "Favorite Animal".

Notes About Using Custom Variable Search:

  • Spacing between the terms and colon is flexible (e.g., "Favorite Animal:Tiger" and "Favorite Animal : Tiger" will both work), but spacing within the name of the custom variable is not (e.g., "Favorite Animal" must contain a space, "FavoriteAnimal" will not work).
  • This search method is case-insensitive.
  • When searching for a custom variable within the participant profile search bar, it must be complete. That is, you cannot type "Animal" if the custom variable name is "Favorite Animal".
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