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Product Update: August 5, 2019

The latest Ripple update improves user management and enhances custom variable search capabilities. Study Admins will appreciate the ability to assign and change user permissions across all studies, through an updated Site Admin portal. This release also includes new customizations in Study Settings, automatic timezone detection and assignment, and task comment mapping.

What’s New

Ripple User Management

Admins will recognize major improvements to the ease of use and interface design of "Users" management within the "Site Admin" link. Study user permissions have been moved to a more centralized location so that a Site Admin can reset passwords, unlock accounts, and assign study privileges in one place without needing to visit every study. Stay tuned for additional user permission customizations!


  • User Permissions - As user permissions are assigned and updated, they will be changed for that user across all studies. Find a full description of each Access Role type, defined both at the Site Level and at the individual Study Level, here.
  • Lock or Delete User Accounts - Admins now have the ability to lock a user account, rather than deleting the user entirely from Ripple. By locking a user account, the user will no longer have access to your Ripple instance, but recorded updates, comments, etc. will retain association with that user.
  • Interface Changes - The "Users" section has been redesigned for more intuitive use. Please note "Invite a Ripple User" has been moved to the top of the page for easier access. 

Learn more about managing user permissions and adding users to Ripple & individual studies.

Custom Variable Search

Searching for custom variables within-participant profile cards has been improved! By using the search bars in the "Potential Participant" or "Enrolled Participant" tabs, users can now search across participants for specific custom variables.


  • Using Custom Variable Search - To direct a search to look for a custom variable you will enter the variable name, colon, search term. For example, if you would like to search for the custom variable "Favorite Animal" for participants who like "Tigers", you would type "Favorite Animal:Tiger". Please note: spacing between the terms and colon is flexible, but spacing within the name of the custom variable is not.

Find detailed instructions for using the custom variable search bar here.

What's Improved

Study Settings

Users now have the ability to reorder participant statuses in "Study Settings". You can do so by dragging them using the double-sided arrow on the right end of the box. Learn more, here.

Timezone Detection

Ripple will now automatically detect, assign and store users' timezones. The fixed assignment of timezone will help to improve the consistency of daily digest emails.

What's Fixed

  • Comments made within a participant task in the "Task" section now populate to the participant profile.
  • "Quick Links" (e.g., "Contact Methods", "Demographics" and "Family") have been fixed.
  • The legend displayed on the Dashboard's main graph has been added back.
  • We have updated some UX/UI interfaces so that Ripple looks more consistent across the platform.

Post-Release Fixes

Users may have noticed an issue with the Web-to-Lead form following the release. A bug causing the issues was fixed and deployed on August 7, 2019 at 9:30 PM ET.


Ripple v. 1.66.0

Released 2019-08-05


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