Product Updates: June 24, 2019

In this release, Ripple is introducing new customizations for exporting and viewing participant information. Updates have been made to improve prevention of duplicate participant records, communication about email token expiration when inviting new team members and UX/UI interface consistency.

What’s New

Exporting Data

Users now have the ability to choose specific variables when exporting data from Ripple. Stay tuned for additional customizations to this feature and the ability to create reports within the application!

  • Export your Registry - Global Data - You are now able to export your Registry, so you can see all your participant information outside of Ripple. To do this you will select “Global Data Only (no study data)" from the Select Study and Timezone dropdown. 


  • Choose What You Export - Ripple now provides the ability to select custom variables for export. Customization makes reporting and data analysis outside of Ripple more easily streamlined.

By default, all data variables are selected for export. Learn more about how to use the export tool.

Potential and Enrolled Participants Pages Column Customization

Study Admins now have the ability to customize the columns that are displayed on the Potential Participant and Enrolled Participant pages for their study team.


  • By default, the columns displayed will be what you are used to seeing in Ripple.
    • For Potential Participants: ID, Name, Next Appointment, Preferred Contact Information, Last Contact Date, and Recruitment Source.
    • For Enrolled Participants:  ID, Name, Next Appointment, and Study Events. You can now choose to add in Custom Variables rather than Study Events.

Learn more about how to set custom column headings.

What’s Improved

New Team Member Token Expiration Notification

Clarification has been added when inviting new team members that the email token they receive will expire after 3 days. The information is also listed for Site Admins under "Invite a Team Member."

What's Fixed

  • We are continually improving how Ripple prevents duplication of participant records. We have fixed a bug that prevented you from adding a participant with the same name as another participant to ensure both can now be added to your study or in the Registry.
  • We have updated some UX/UI interfaces so that Ripple looks more consistent across the platform.

Post-Release Fixes

Between the hours of June 25, 2019, 8:30 PM and June 26, 2019, 1:30 PM ET users may have noticed the issues outlined below.  Those issues have been fixed as of 1:30 PM ET.

  • Color coding associated with the status of an enrolled participant's next appointment was missing. Appointment color coding has been restored. To read more about this feature please visit the support center article: Enrolled Participant Tracking.
  • Automatic calculation of future events based on completing or scheduling a previous event was interrupted.  If you rely on this feature please double check your events for any participants you worked with during the hours of disruption listed above.


Ripple v. 1.64.0

Released 2019-06-25


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