Product Updates: April 19, 2019

What’s New

Duplicate Participant Warning

To help ensure that you aren't adding new participants who are already in your registry if you add a new participant to a study that already exists in the Registry you will receive a warning that you are about to create a potential duplicate participant. The duplicate match is case sensitive at this time. (i.e., John Smith ≠ john smith)

What’s Improved

Performance Improvements

Performance (speed) improvements to allow for faster page loading, especially with large databases.

What's Fixed

  • "Blue Screen" eradicated when changing participants between potential and enrolled statuses.
  • Bug fixes to screening and Web to Lead forms.
  • User-interface updates for consistency; these include fonts, bolding, spacing, and fixing broken rows, etc.


Ripple v. 1.61.0

Released 2019-04-19

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