Product Updates: May 13, 2019

What’s New

In this release, there are several calendar and scheduling enhancements to make Ripple even more helpful in recruiting and retaining participants. Stay tuned for additional scheduling enhancements later this year!

Scheduling Events & Tasks

Up to this point, you could only provide a start time for an event and were unable to edit the due time for a task.

  • You are now able to add a start and end time for events. The duration of an event will also be shown on the calendar in the week and agenda views.
  • You can now set a due time for tasks. If you aren’t using tasks, read about working with tasks here.

Calendar Updates

To go along with the new scheduling enhancements, we are excited to announce the team has shipped several additions to the Calendar page in Ripple.

    • Hyperlinks! To make Ripple even easier to navigate quickly all events and task labels on the month, week and day views are now hyperlinks. Tasks = Task page, Events = Participant Profile.
    • You can now filter the calendar to display selected information making it easier to plan participant appointments and see what events are assigned to you.
      • Calendar can now be filtered to show only “My Assigned Events”
      • Calendar can now be filtered based on "Expected Events," "Scheduled Events" and "Completed Events."
      • Calendar can now be filtered based on the type of event (i.e., show me just the "Baseline Visit" or show me just "Visit 3").

What’s Improved

Registry Searching & Filtering

We are implementing several new features and enhancements to the registry over the next few months. These are just the beginning, stay tuned for more!

    • Users can search for first name, last name, global ID and family ID
    • Users can now search for more than one custom variable

Lock-out notifications

In this release, we have updated the account locking notification to help folks better understand the nature of why their account is locked.

As a reminder, we released the ability for Site Administrators to modify security settings for their Ripple deployment (Ripple v. 1.56.3). You can read more about how to modify security settings here.

If your account is locked you will need to contact a Site Administrator, someone on your team with Site Admin security permission, to unlock your account. For security reasons, Ripple support staff cannot unlock user accounts.

What’s Fixed

  • We have updated some UX/UI interfaces so that Ripple looks more consistent across the platform.


Ripple v. 1.62.0

Released 2019-05-13


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