Recruitment Overview

Recruitment Overview

The Recruitment tab allows you to manage all activities associated with the planning and execution of your recruitment campaign. Recruitment is divided into two sites: Strategies and Sources. You can access them from the pull-down menu that you will see when you hover over the Recruitment tab link.


In the Recruitment Strategies page, you will be able to create new strategies and manage all tasks associated with the execution of the development of each strategy. See this “Working with Strategies” article for a more in-depth view of this feature.

In the Recruitment Sources page, you will be able to create and manage all sources of participants. Here you can create broad categories where you participants come from or sites of recruitment efforts (e.g., Hospitals, Schools, Stores), create lists of sites for each recruitment source (e.g., list of all schools in town), and manage your relationships with these sites (store contact information, make notes, etc). See this “Working with Recruitment Sources” article for more information.

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