Working with Recruitment Sources

Working with Recruitment Sources

Think of recruitment sources as broad categories of sites where you may find participants. For example, your participants may come from hospitals, clinics, stores, coffee houses, schools, etc. Brainstorming about all possible types of sources that may be applicable to your participants is a key step in the development of effective recruitment campaigns. In fact, we recommend that teams start creating a list of recruitment sources before you create a list of strategies because you will create more innovative strategies once you know all possible sources for your participants.

Some popular recruitment sources may be:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Family doctors
  • Schools
  • Online sites
  • Newspapers/Magazines


Once you create recruitment sources, you can begin assembling a database of all sites that apply to each recruitment source. For example, you may create a list of specific hospitals, doctors, schools, websites, or magazines that you want to target. Ripple allows you to keep track of the contact person of each site and to make notes about your interactions with each site.

Maintaining an updated list of Sources and Sites is key to your recruitment success. By doing so, and by marking each participant with the Source, Site, and Strategy that led to the participant recruitment, Ripple will be able to tell you which efforts are most effective!

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