Recruitment Tasks

Recruitment Tasks

There are multiple places where you can add recruitment-related tasks.  

How to add a task on the Strategy page:

In the strategy section of the Recruitment Dashboards, you can add tasks for each recruitment strategy by clicking "+ Add new task" under the strategy you wish to assign an activity to someone on the study team.



 How to add a task on the Source page:

You can also add tasks to a Recruitment Site. To do this open the Site Profile and scroll to the Task section of the profile card and click the green '+' icon.  This will open the Add Task screen.


How to Add a Task:

1. Indicate the Title of the task and the Site or Strategy.  Note if you are adding a task from the Recruitment Strategy or Site page it will automatically populate this drop down.  If you are adding from the Task dashboard you will need to select the Site or Strategy.

2. Indicate the date and time the task is due. If you do not select a date or time Ripple will default to the date and time you created the task.


3. Indicate who should complete the assigned task. You can type in the name of the team member of your study in the text box and then select their name.  Note you can assign the same task to multiple people. 

4. Add in a description of the assignment so the assignee knows what you would like them to do.

5. Click Submit to create the task.  This task will appear on the page you created it, the Task page, and if it had a due date and time on the Calendar page.

How to Manage Recruitment Strategy and Site Related Tasks

You can track, edit, or delete all recruitment related tasks inside the site-wide Task Dashboard. 

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