Bulk Tasks

Bulk Tasks

With bulk tasks you will be able to create groups of common tasks that always occur together so you don’t have to enter each task manually. Simply create a bulk with a specific name and add tasks to the bulk. Anywhere you see “Add a Task” you will have an option to select a bulk from the list of all tasks created.

You can also link bulk tasks to specific event triggers. For example, let’s say every time a participant is scheduled for an intake you have 5 tasks that need to be completed by your team, such as book a room, prepare the intake folders, etc. You can create a bulk task called “Intake –Scheduled Tasks” that includes the 5 tasks. You can then manually call the bulk task every time you schedule an intake.  You can link this bulk to “Event: Intake” and “Event Status: Scheduled”, so every time a participant intake is scheduled, the 5 tasks will be created automatically!  We are not kidding!

Once the tasks is set up, you can call a bulk task by clicking on add bulk tasks anywhere the link appears. For example, you can add bulk tasks to a specific participant. The tasks will then have a “breadcrumb” that tells you the name of the related bulk. For example below, the three tasks came from a bulk group called “Intake – Completed”.

We use bulk tasks every day in our lab by combining event-trigger bulks and manual bulk tasks. For example, once a participant is scheduled for a follow-up visit, we have an automatic bulk that creates various tasks such as 1) Prepare visit package and 2) Get payment visa card.  We have another bulk that is automatically activated when the session is completed, which include Auditing of the data. Then we have a manual bulk that is activated manually by the RA who audits the data, which include additional data entry tasks that other RAs must complete. In essence, Bulk Tasks allow us to automatize our lab process!

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