How do I add a new user to my study?

How do I add a new user to my study?

Management of your Ripple Users and the individual study users occurs in the same place within the "Study Admin" link on the top right corner of your site.  If you haven't already added the user to Ripple, you'll need to do that first.  Once a user is in Ripple, you can add them to as many studies as you'd like.

Adding Users to Ripple

To add a new user to Ripple, navigate to "Study Admin" and "Users".  The section at the top of the page allows you to invite a user by entering their First Name, Last Name, and email address. This will invite the new team member via the email you provided. The email will contain a special link that team members will need to click on in order to activate and register their account.  Please Note: The invitation to join Ripple will expire 3 days after sending.  Alert the recipient that they have been added as a Ripple user to avoid passing this expiration.


Recall that only users with Admin rights will be able to manage other Ripple users.

Once the email has been sent the user will appear in the list and you can edit both their Site Level Permissions and their Study Level Permissions.  For more details on these permissions please see the article for Study Setup-  Access Roles.

Adding Users to a Study

Within the user dropdown, there will be a list of all studies created for your site.  For each of these studies, you can choose to give the user "No Access", "RA", "Leader",' or "Admin" access to the study.  (These are also outlined in the article Study Setup-  Access Roles)

In this section, you may also define a user role, though it is not required.  This is for informational purposes only and does not change the access level granted to the user.


In the example above, Mollie Dickinson is a user who has the Site Level Permission of "Registry Access Only" and the Study Level Permission of "Admin" on the Demo Study and "Leader" on the Big Study.  Mollie does not have access to any other studies; when she logs in, she will only see two studies in her drop-down menu.


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