Understanding the Import cURL Command

The Import cURL Command is a code you can run to import data from another source into your Ripple Registry or a specific study, without having to go into Ripple to use the Export Tool. You will need to make sure your data is on an Excel spreadsheet that contains the study or Registry’s Import Type and the data matches the format required by the Data Dictionary.

Understanding the Import cURL Command:

The cURL command contains several pieces of information that you need to provide before you can import the data. This includes:

Here is an example of an Import cURL Command:

  1. The URL of the Ripple Site where you’re importing data into
  2. The Import Type, which instructs Ripple to import into the Registry or a specific study
    1. Note: For a study, you can find your Import Type by going into the study in Ripple, then taking the string of letters and numbers from the URL
  3. The Update Option for what should be done with existing participants. The options are:
    1. all = Update All Participants
    2. nocontact = Do Not Update Any Contact Information
    3. noexisting = Do Not Update Any Existing Participants
  4. Your Authorization Key, which provides your identity and permissions to import the data
  5. The name of an Excel file that you wish to import and its location on your device 

In this example Import cURL Command, we can see that:

  1. We are importing data into the https://successplayground.ripplescience.com site
  2. We are importing data from a specific study
  3. When asked what to do with existing participant, we chose to “Update All Information”
  4. We are providing correct site permissions using the login credentials
  5. We are importing an Excel file called AncillaryA from a location on Jane Doe’s Desktop

You can use this article for instructions on how to build and use your Import cURL Command.

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