Product Update: December 14, 2023

Product Update: December 14, 2023

This release includes enhancements to surveys, email, and text templates to expedite your ability to create and initiate a new study. This release includes phone number format validation, a feature designed to enhance the deliverability of your text messages. Furthermore, this release addresses various fixes aimed at enhancing your overall experience, covering aspects such as survey notifications, sending reminder texts and emails, and optimizing the functionality of the Email Log.

New Features & Functionality

Automatically Updating Surveys, Emails, and Texts with New Survey URLs

In the past, copying or importing study settings required manual updates to survey URLs within surveys, email, and text templates, posing the risk of overlooking links and leading participants to the wrong surveys. We're thrilled to introduce a new feature in this release! Now, when you create a new study by copying or importing settings, the system automatically generates new survey links and updates them across surveys, email, and text templates.

This enhancement streamlines the process of creating a new study, reducing the need for some of your manual updates. You can now focus on other essential tasks, ensuring surveys are sent out correctly, participants receive the right forms via text or email, and seamless redirection from one survey to another. 

Enhanced Phone Number Formatting to Improve Communication

Texting participants is an important way to communicate with them, whether it is appointment reminders, thank you messages, and more. To enhance the delivery of your texts, it's essential to ensure the validity of the provided phone numbers. This release introduces guidelines and messaging to facilitate the collection of valid phone numbers, whether through manual entries, surveys, or imports. Key rules to follow include:

  • Avoid using spaces after a hyphen or period in the phone number
    • Example: ###- ###-####
  • Do not use letters in the phone number
    • Example: 1-800-CALL-XYZ
  • Refrain from using parentheses with a “+” sign and country code together
    • Example: (+CountryCode) ###-###-####


  • We recently released a feature enhancement to include the survey name in a participant survey submission notification. The notification will now include the current survey name, eliminating any discrepancies if the survey name has changed.
  • When using the Scheduled Event Date placeholders (Merge Tags) in an email or text, the template will now pull through the accurate dates for similarly named events. For example, if you have Events named Event Six and Event Sixteen, the template will read and include them as distinct events in your communication. 
  • Previously, the entire Ripple window would shrink after repeated email-sending actions. This update ensures that the window retains its size.

Ripple v.1.116

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