How to Export Survey Data Using the Export cURL Command

Like Ripple’s internal Export Tool, you can also use the Export cURL Command to export survey data. This can help you more quickly access and analyze survey data and transfer it into an electronic data capture system, clinical trial management system, or other third-party system.

How to Export Survey Data Using the Export cURL Command:

To export survey data, you’ll use the same Export cURL Command and add information to tell Ripple the earliest submission date that you want to export data from (red), the order of the survey within your list (green), and the survey’s ID (purple). 

  1. Add the following information to your command: “surveyExportSince=YYYY-MM-DD” to state the date from which you want to start entering survey data
  2. Add “survey#,” where you will replace the # with the order of your survey within your Saved Surveys list
    1. Go to your Saved Surveys list in Ripple
    2. Count the order of your survey from the top
    3. The first survey in the list will be survey0 (red), the second survey in the list will be survey1, the third survey in the list will be survey2, and so on.
  3. Add the survey’s ID
    1. Open up the survey
    2. Scroll down to the survey URL
    3. In the URL, the first string is the study’s ID
    4. The second string is the survey’s ID (green)

Modify the cURL Command Based on Your Device!

If you’re using a Windows device, replace any single quotes (') with double quotes ('') and remove the backslashes (\)

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