Product Update: October 11, 2023

Product Update: October 11, 2023

In this latest release, we introduce a powerful feature – the ability to archive and unarchive surveys. This empowers you to take control over whether respondents can submit surveys, preventing inactive or outdated surveys from being submitted inadvertently.

We've also enhanced your experience with features designed to boost usability. You can now easily track which surveys participants have completed, as well as access and read the messages sent through our Email Log.

Furthermore, this release brings a host of valuable fixes, including improvements in participant scheduling, seamless use of Merge Tags in emails, and overall performance enhancements.

New Features & Functionality

Archive Your Surveys to Prevent Respondents from Completing Them

Study Admins can better control which surveys respondents can complete by archiving and effectively disabling them. This way, you can make sure that respondents aren’t filling out a survey that isn’t up to date or no longer enrolling. If you need to use the survey again, you can unarchive and reactivate it.

When you archive a survey, you can still edit and unarchive the survey to reactivate it. Deleted surveys and the submission date are removed from the system. Archiving is a great option to control your survey submissions, while also retaining them for future use or before you are ready to publish a survey. You can read more about archiving, unarchiving, and deleting surveys.

See the Survey Name in Your Survey Submission Notifications

Users can receive survey submission notifications when a respondent completes a survey from the web. This allows you to more quickly identify participants who expressed interest, signed your consent form, or completed a follow up survey so you can follow up with them in a timely manner. 

These survey submission notifications now include the survey’s name in the email subject to further expedite your ability to find the participant who completed the survey and prioritize outreach to participants based on the survey they’ve completed. You can learn more about survey submission notifications here.

Enhanced Visibility of Your Email Message in the Email Log

We understand that clear communication with participants is important for managing your relationship. We’ve cleaned out the Email Log so you’re only seeing the messaging you’ve sent to participants, and not the background HTML noise. This allows you to more clearly read what has been communicated to participants internally and provide that information to your IRB.


  • If two different participants had the same custom ID the calendar integration may have scheduled the incorrect participant for a study visit. Now, the system more accurately schedules the correct participant for the correct study and visit.
  • When using the Scheduled Event Date placeholders (Merge Tags) in an email, you can now use Event Names that contain multiple spaces and special characters
  • Cookies will no longer disrupt the ability to view completed surveys. In the past, when a cookie was implemented on a survey form, it would cause issues when trying to view completed surveys within Ripple.


Ripple v.1.115


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