How to Delete a Survey

Study Admins can delete a survey from your Ripple site to permanently prevent its future use. Staff will not be able to use the survey inside Ripple and participants will not be able to use the survey as a Web form. This ensures that respondents do not participate in surveys or screeners that are no longer relevant or accepting new submissions, and cannot be used again in the future.


Once you delete a survey, you cannot restore or retrieve it. It will be permanently deleted from the study.

How to Delete a Survey:

Deleting surveys is a two-step process. You must archive the survey before you can delete it. You will not be able to restore a deleted survey.

1. Follow these instructions to archive your survey

2. In the Archived Surveys folder, open up the survey

3. Click on the gearbox icon (red) and select the “Delete Survey” option (green)

4. In the pop-up, type the word “DELETE” and push “Enter” on your keyboard

5. The survey will be permanently deleted from your study

What Happens to the Data When I Delete a Survey?

When you delete a survey, you can still view and download completed surveys from a participant’s profile card. You can find their completed surveys in the Forms Log on their profile card. 

When you delete a survey, you will not be able to export the survey in bulk from the Export Tool. Please make sure you export all necessary data before deleting your survey.

What Happens if a Respondent Clicks on the Link of a Deleted Survey?

If you do not remove the survey link from its online or media source, respondents can still click on the link to open it. When they do, they will receive a notification informing them that there was an error getting the survey.


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