How To: Switch an Existing Template to the New Template

How To: Switch an Existing Template to the New Template

There are two types of email templates that exist in Ripple: legacy templates (red) and new email builder templates (green). Legacy templates are the original email templates that contain elements to add and edit text, add an image, and add lists to your email template. The new email builder templates contain a new set of elements that allow you to further customize, style, and brand your emails. 

Any email templates that were created before the new email builder template will exist as legacy templates (emails created before July 2023). They will not automatically change to the new email builder template. You’ll still be able to edit, use, and send legacy templates - they will not function any differently than they have in the past.

You can’t use the new email builder’s elements on a legacy template; you will need to migrate its contents into a new template and modify it from there. Here are the steps for doing this:

How to create new templates from legacy templates:

  1. Go to Study Settings and then navigate to Email and Text
  2. Go into the legacy template that you wish to convert
  3. Copy the contents of the template and then close it

  1. Click the “Add Template” button

  1. If you want to keep it as a plain text, unstyled email, add the Text element to your template. If you want a more styled email, add the appropriate elements.

  1. Paste in the contents from your legacy template


When you go to paste in your template, select either Paste or Paste and Match Style. If you select the option to “Keep Formatting,” it may pull in unwanted spacing, background color, and fonts.

  1. Adjust the text in the text box for the correct spacing and styling
  2. Format the text and remainder of the email as desired (red)


You can chunk the text into other elements and add more elements to your template.

  1. Fill in the rest of the email template fields as needed and save your new template (green).

  1. Once you are done testing the new email template, you can navigate to the legacy template and delete it.


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