Pulling Through Ripple Variables

Pulling Through Ripple Variables

You can pull certain variables into your emails to personalize the message you’re sending to participants. You can add things like their first and last name, the date of their next appointment, the study name, and more so that the participant has details on who and what the message is for.  

When you create your email, you’ll put in placeholders or variables, that will be replaced with data specific to the participant when the email is sent. 


List of Available Variables 

Below are the list of variables you can add to your email. You can choose to pull in event names and dates for either the next appointment, or choose a specific event in the future. Depending on how you use the variables, Ripple will pull through the appropriate event name and date. The list will include all your Events and their scheduled dates so you can provide the participant’s full study visit schedule (if all Events have been scheduled) or provide more than one scheduled Event date. 

  • Current User Name
  • Next Appointment Date
  • Next Appointment Name
  • Participant Custom ID
  • Participant First Name
  • Participant Global ID
  • Participant Last Name
  • Study Name
  • Specific Event Scheduled Date: You can choose which specific event or events the template is designed for, even if it is not their next appointment

Note: If you’re using the Next Appointment Name, Next Appointment Date, or Specific Event Scheduled Date variables, make sure that the event you’re referencing is scheduled, not just expected.


How to Add the Ripple Variables to Emails

There are two ways you can add Ripple variables to your email body: using Merge Tags or using the “Click Here” button to see the list of available variables. 

Steps for Using Merge Tags:

  1. Add a Text or Heading element to your email.
  2. Put your cursor where you want to add a variable.
  3. Click inside the Text or Heading box so that a dropdown menu appears. Click on Merge Tags.

  1. The list of available Ripple variables will appear. The list includes all your Events with their Event title and scheduled date.

  1. Click on the variable you’d like to include in your email and it will get added to where your cursor was. The variable will appear exactly as it was in the merge tags dropdown list.

Steps for Using the “Click Here” List:

  1. Add a Text or Heading element to your email.
  2. Click on the blue hyperlink text that says “Click Here” underneath the email message.

  1. The list of available Ripple variables will appear. If you want to include an Event’s title and scheduled date in your email, you will have to replace “name” in {{event_name_scheduled date}} with the actual Event’s name or title. 

  1. From the list of variables inside the brackets on the right-hand side, copy the variable you want to put into your email and paste it into the Text or Heading box.

  1. When you click out of the text element, the variable will convert to look like the variable’s name. You do not need to make any modifications.



Even though the Merge Tags and “Click Here” variables look like plain text, you need to use one of these options to pull variables through. If you just type in regular text (e.g., participant’s first name), it will not pull the participant’s data through.

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