Smart Headings and Smart Text Overview

Smart Headings and Smart Text Overview

The Email Builder also includes Smart Headings and Smart Text features. Smart Headings and Smart Text use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide alternate suggestions for your email’s wording to convey your desired message and tone. You can use Smart Headings and Smart Text to make your email more professional, friendly, formal, concise, and more. With Smart Headings and Smart Text, you can efficiently create engaging emails that capture your audience’s attention.


How to Add Smart Headings

  1. Add a Heading element to your template (in order to use Smart Headings your Heading must contain a minimum of two words)
  2. Type your desired message into the element
  3. Go into the element’s Properties 
  4. Click on the “Get Suggestions” button

  1. A list of alternate suggestions for your heading will generate and appear. You can scroll through the list to see all the suggestions.

  1. The tone of the suggestions defaults to a friendly tone, but you can select a different tone (e.g., luxury, relaxed, professional, bold, and witty). Click on the down arrow next to “Friendly” to select a different tone. It will automatically generate a new list of suggestions in that tone. 

  1.  Click on the suggestion you want to use to replace your current heading.

  1. You can continue to edit the heading in the heading element box and refresh the list of suggestions based on your edits. 


How to Add Smart Text

After you’ve added the Text element to your email body and written text, you can enhance it using Smart Text. When you click in the Text element box, a dropdown will appear with a Smart Text button (red). 


When you click the Smart Text button, a window will pop up with six options to enhance your text. While you can use all the Smart Text options, you must select one at a time. Here are the Smart Text options for enhancing your text:

  • Fix Spelling and Grammar: automatically fixes any spelling and/or grammatical errors in your text
  • Expand Text: adds more text to your email body in a way that expands upon your current text
  • Summarize Text: summarizes the text you have written to shorten it
  • Rephrase Text: rewords your text to enhance sentence structure or clarity 
  • Make It Friendly: makes the tone of your text more friendly 
  • Make It Formal: makes the tone of your text more formal 


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