Previewing Your Emails

Previewing Your Emails

Once you create your template, you may want to test or preview it before sending it to participants. Previewing your emails is a great way to ensure that the email looks the way you want it to, that any buttons or hyperlinks work, and see how it looks on different devices. It can help you identify changes that need to be made to ensure the email is readable, visually appealing, and contains all the necessary information.

When you’re ready to preview your email, click on the eye icon (red) at the bottom left corner of the email message.

By default, the preview will pop up to show you what it looks like on a desktop. You can use the dropdown menu to see what the email looks like on a specific device (green) and select different viewing sizes for each device. 

The Preview bar also gives you the option to see what the email will look like in “dark mode” (purple) for users who have different screen settings. This can help you figure out if your email is still visible and clear at all times.

When you’re finished previewing the email, click the “Exit Preview” button (blue). This will return you to the Email Editor, where you can continue to edit your email or save and close it. 

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