Collecting Google-Verified Addresses

Collecting Google-Verified Addresses

You can use surveys to collect Google-verified addresses from participants. Survey respondents can start typing in an address and see a dropdown list of Google-verified addresses and select the correct one. Once the address is selected, the survey will automatically populate the remaining address fields based on the chosen address. 

You can use this to make sure that you’re collecting a valid address and standardizing how its entered. This can help your team make sure you’re mailing to the correct address, meeting participants for remote visits, and more.

How to Add an Address Question:

You can add a Google-Verified Address field by going into the Survey Designer (red), and then going to the Toolbox (green). Select the Verified Address question type (purple) and drag it into the designer.


Components of the Verified Address 

The Verified Address question automatically contains the following fields:

  • Search: This is where survey respondents will type in the address they’re looking for and select the correct option
  • Label: If the address has a business name, it will populate here
  • Address
  • Apartment, unit, suite, or floor # 
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zipcode
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

At this time, it is not possible to add or remove any of these fields. However, you can make the latitude and longitude fields invisible.

Special Properties of the Verified Address Question

The Verified Address question has its own properties where you can modify its behavior and appearance. The Logic, Layout, Data, and Validation properties match those of a Single Input question. These are the main properties of a Verified Address question:


You can control what the question is called internally and externally, whether the question is visible and/or required, whether you’ll accept verified addresses only, and more. Many of these properties are present in other questions as well. You can read more about those standard properties here.

The following properties are unique to Verified Address questions:

Verified addresses only (red):

The Verified addresses only feature prevents participants from changing parts of their address to something that is not verified. By default, once a participant selects their address, the question will auto populate the address component fields.  

If this box is checked, the survey respondent cannot edit the address after it auto populates. They can still perform a new search or change the name in the Label field. If you uncheck this box, survey respondents can edit the address after it auto populates.

Latitude is visible and Longitude is visible (green): 

You can choose to make the latitude field, longitude field, or both fields invisible to participants completing the search. By default, this is checked on, so participants can see the latitude and longitude fields.

Address Field Titles (purple): 

The Field Titles are how the participants see each component of the address. For example, instead of the default title of “Label,” you can rename this field to “Location Name.” You can rename any of these fields to make it easier for participants to understand what belongs in that field.


In the variables section, you can select where this data populates on the participant’s profile card. For each component, you can select whether or not it is linked to an address variable on the Contact Methods card or to a Custom Variable.

Collecting multiple addresses:

If you are collecting multiple verified addresses, only one of the addresses can link to the address variables in the Contact Methods card. If you link more than one set of addresses to the Contact Methods card, only the last set of addresses collected will tie to the participant’s Contact Methods card.

Removing an Address

If a participant accidentally chose the wrong address, they can clear it out of replace it. To clear out an address, they can go back into the search bar, erase their search, and hit enter. To replace the first address with a new one, they can go back into the search bar and search for and select a new address.

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