Body Overview

Body Overview

The Body section allows you to have the same properties across all elements within the template including the same background color, font color, font style, and more. This helps with having consistency across your template and making it more readable.


How to Edit the Body of your Email

To get started editing the body of your email, select the Body section on the right hand side (red).


Properties of the Body

Within the Body, you can customize the template’s general settings, email settings, and links. These settings apply to all elements within the template. However, you can change any of these settings for an individual element within the element’s properties. Here are the properties you can customize at the global level.


The General section allows you to customize the format of the text and background. It is composed of the following properties:

  • Text color: The color of the words everywhere in the template
  • Background color: The color of the background of the template
  • Content width: Allows users to customize the email width
  • Content alignment: Allows elements to be aligned left or center
  • Font Family: Font of the words or text everywhere in the template
  • Font Weight: Allows words to be regular or bolded


Email Settings

Email settings allow you to add a preheader text to your email. When a participant receives an email, they will see the email subject (green), followed by the preheader text (red), and then the text within the email message. A preheader is a summary text that provides the recipient with a preview of the content. It appears after the email sender information and the subject line in your inbox and in your mobile device notifications.


You can customize how hyperlinks appear to participants. Specifically, you can customize the color of the link and whether it is underlined. This helps hyperlinks stand out within your email.

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