How To: Add a Tag to a Participant's Profile Card Using a Survey

Tags are keywords or flags that a user can add to a participant’s profile to help classify participant characteristics or communicate information quickly. Adding Tags  to a survey can help teams identify which participants require follow up, may qualify for a certain study, have a certain risk criteria, and more!

How to add a Tag to a Participant’s Profile Card

Before you get started:

  • Adding a new tag will not overwrite existing tags
  • Users can only add one tag per survey
  • Tags are case-sensitive. If one user writes “Follow up needed” and another user writes “follow up needed,” Ripple will create two separate tags in the tag list.
  1. Navigate to the Study Settings tab (red)
  2. Go to the Survey Creator module (green)
  3. Click the “Add New Survey” button (purple) tags_1.jpg
  4. Scroll down to the Survey Designer
  5. Navigate to the Toolbox (red)
  6. Add a Single Input or Expression (read-only) question (green) tags_2.jpg
  7. Click on the Properties of the question (red)
  8. Add a Name and Title to your question (green)
  9. Scroll down to the Survey Variable dropdown and select the “Tags” option (purple) tags_3.jpg
  10. Save your survey
  11. Test your survey




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