Product Update: February 27, 2023


Product Update: February 27, 2023

This release includes enhancements to the Survey Creator, deleting specific information in Ripple, and Registry filtering. 

New Features & Functionality

Survey Creator Enhancements

We continue to make enhancements to the Survey Creator to allow teams to collect more detailed participant information. This release includes enhancements that allow users to:

  • Link a question to a participant’s middle name. This article has more information about how to link participant and custom variables to surveys.
  • Allow users to add a tag to a participant’s profile. Read about how to use tags in a survey here
  • Collect time and date in the respondents time zone. Learn more about the different ways to collect the local time of the survey respondent when they submit a survey.
  • Match new surveys to existing participants based on the participant’s global Id only.

This release will also make it easier for users to test and troubleshoot surveys prior to collecting responses. Users will get notified if any of their survey questions are linked to a changed or deleted custom variable.


Prevent Accidental Deletion of Participants, Surveys, and Studies

Participant information is important and we wanted to make sure that users didn’t lose any information they didn’t intend to. This new enhancement uses a two-step process before one of the following items is deleted:

  • Participants from the Registry
  • A consent form from the Consent Log on their Profile Card
  • A survey from the Survey Creator
  • A study

You can learn more about how to use the new two-step process here.

Additional Registry Filter

The Registry is a great tool for finding participants who meet specific criteria. Users can now filter the Registry by one or more zip codes. This can help teams identify participants who are closest to their research site to target them for study recruitment.


You can read more about using and filtering the Registry here.


Partial Study Import

Importing study definitions makes it easier to share study set-ups between sites and to use template study to jumpstart study start-up. This enhancement will allow teams to import portions of a study definition when they create a new study.

Global ID Update

Global IDs will no longer start with special characters. This will make exporting and importing easier for users.



  • Importing a study into an existing Ripple site will match imported global custom variables to existing global custom variables. They will not create a new copy of the existing global custom variables.

Ripple v.1.111

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