External Study Website (URL Label) in Header Overview

URL Labels are an efficient way to link Ripple with another important website for your study. Users can use this to navigate to a shared Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document, their Electronic Data Capture (EDC) or Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), an external survey, a study landing page, etc. 

How to create a link to an external website (URL Label) in the Ripple Header

Anyone who has Admin access to the study can create the URL Label in the Header. This change will apply to all users in the study. Users can only create 1 URL per study.

  1. Go to the Study Settings tab (red)
  2. Navigate to the Details section (green)
  3. Add a URL and URL Label (purple)
    1. The URL is the website you want users to navigate to
    2. The URL Label is a name for that website
  4. See the URL Label appear in the Header (black)
  5. When a user clicks on the URL Label in the Header, a new window will open up and users will be directed to the URL 


Who Can Access the URL Label and URL?

All RAs, Leaders, and Study Admins assigned to the study can access the URL Label in the header. 

When Can I View the URL Label in the Header?

When users toggle between studies, they’ll see the URL for the study that is selected in the drop-down. Admins can use the same URL for each study, or each study can have its own URL. 

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