Product Update: November 17, 2022

This release includes enhancements to the Search bar on the Potential and Enrolled Participant pages and an upgrade to the Survey Creator tool. The new search function allows users to specify which part of the Participant Profile Card they’re looking for data, resulting in more targeted and quicker searches. The upgrade to our Survey Creator tool allows users to customize their survey properties further.

New Features & Functionality

Search Bar Enhancement

This enhancement gives users the ability to choose where in the Participant Profile Card they’re looking for data. Choosing from a category instructs Ripple where to look for the data, resulting in a more targeted and quick search.

By default, the search bar will search the Participant’s First Name, Participant’s Last Name, Custom ID, Family ID, Global ID, and Tags fields.  Users can use the new dropdown to change the fields included in the search or dashboard filter.

Users will now select which component of the Participant Profile Card they’re looking for data in. They can choose one of the following categories (red):

  • Participant Information
    • Name
    • Race
    • Sex/gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Birthday
  • Custom ID
  • Global ID
  • Family ID
  • Contact Information
  • Custom Variables:
    • Study-specific 
    • Global
  • Tags
  • Signed Consent Form
  • Contact for Future Studies


Survey Creator Upgrades

New Expression (read-only) function: Diffdays()

Users can now use an Expression (read-only) question type to calculate how many days are between two dates. This can be helpful for calculating the number of days between COVID doses, how long it has been since a participant had a clinical event, and so on. Users can take the result and further expressions to transform the number of days into weeks, months, years, etc.


You can read more about Expressions, including the diffDays() expression, here.

Survey Width Mode Option

Users can now adjust the width of all survey questions simultaneously. This bulk change allows users to better control the size of questions and how they appear on different screen sizes.


Clear Dropdown

Dropdown question types now allow users to clear the option they selected. When respondents select an answer, they’ll see a small X (red) next to their selection that will allow them to clear their response. This can help ensure respondents are removing incorrect responses and providing the most accurate data.


Input placeholder for Dropdown questions

When a respondent is presented with a dropdown question, they see a bar with the word “Select…” as their input placeholder (red). With this new upgrade, users can change what the input placeholder says for each dropdown question (green). Personalizing the input placeholder provides clearer instructions to the respondent on how to use the question type. It also helps with increasing branding or consistent language throughout the survey.


Include an External Website Link (URL Label) in Ripple Header

URL Labels are an efficient way to link Ripple with an important website for your study. Users can use this to navigate to a shared Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document, their Electronic Data Capture (EDC) or Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), an external survey, a study landing page, etc. When a user clicks on the label, another tab will pop-out and direct them to that URL.



  • Ability to import Contact Notes, Short Text Variables, and Long Text Variables over 200 characters

Ripple v.1.110

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