Search Bar Overview

The Search Bar on the Potential and Enrolled Participants pages helps users find the participants they’re looking for.  If users do not check the “Filter Dashboard” checkbox, their search will return participants who meet the criteria in a dropdown list. If users check the “Filter Dashboard” checkbox, the page will narrow down the list of participants to only those who meet the search criteria.

Search Bar Overview


By default, the search bar will search the Participant’s First Name, Participant’s Last Name, Custom ID, Family ID, Global ID, and Tags fields.  To change the fields included in the search or dashboard filter.

Users will type in what they’re searching for in the Search bar (red). Search terms require correct spelling, but are not case-sensitive. Users can only search for one component (i.e. name, variable, etc.) at a time. 

To execute a search, click the Enter key on your keyboard or click the green Search button. To navigate to the correct participant click the name of the participant to open their profile card.


Filter Dashboard Overview

If users check the “Filter Dashboard” checkbox, the page will display only the participants who meet that search criteria.  For example, this would allow you to see the number of participants who are Female in a specific status.


Selecting Part of the Participant Profile Card to Search or Filter For 

After deciding whether to search or filter the dashboard, users can then choose from the below list of information found on a participant’s profile card to search by (red):

  • Participant Information
    • Name
    • Race
    • Sex/gender
    • Ethnicity
    • Birthday
  • Custom ID
  • Global ID
  • Family ID
  • Contact Information
  • Custom Variables:
    • Study-specific 
    • Global
  • Tags
  • Signed Consent Form
  • Contact for Future Studies


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